Experience the ultimate comfort
with our shirt stays.

Our happy customers

I’ve been using these for about a month and a half
now, still holding up just fine…



These work incredibly well! I’m actually surprised!
They are super comfortable…

Sid Knight


So far this product does exactly what it claims.
Taking it off to #2 is aggravating. Insanely…

Kimani Ali


Shirt stays tight

Our advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed us to create a durable, comfortable shirt stay that will last.
Made from soft, elasticised cotton straps, our shirt
stays are gentle on the skin and will keep you looking polished all day long.

Quick release

Conventional shirt stays can be inconvenient when it's time to use the restroom, as you have to completely remove them to relieve yourself.
But with Delthium shirt stays, we've
redesigned them to be adjustable and easily removable thanks to our quick-release feature. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly tucked shirt without the hassle of traditional shirt stays.