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shirt stays

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Delthium Shirt Stays, are elastic straps that connect the bottom of a shirt to the thigh, secured by three clips at the top: one for the front, one for the side, and one for the back of the shirt.

They are often used in the military to prevent the shirt from untucking during the course of the day. However, many law enforcement, sports officials, movie actors, and professional businessmen and salespeople wear them.

If for work you often need to bend over (SAY GOODBYE TO THE PLUMBER CRACK LOL)

One of the biggest problems with Shirt Stays is that they come off.

Delthium Shirt garters have a unique design, which won’t loosen, don’t fall off, and are adjustable with Velcro tabs, ensuring a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Made from neoprene, the same material as wetsuits,

Our shirt holders are flexible, providing a cushiony feel and hard-core durability.

Eventually, due to the softness of neoprene, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Dressing properly for major events like a presentation, job interview, or a wedding, is all about eliminating tiny imperfections in your dress style.

A shirt stay ensures peace of mind, so you can concentrate on the presentation, or enjoy the wedding.

Stay confident that you will look your best every day – all day. The aesthetic benefit is obvious, but there are also therapeutic benefits to wearing shirt stays.

Posture improved, reducing lower back pain, having no more flesh exposed to the elements.

Delthium Shirt Stays are a brand you can trust and rely upon. You won’t even realize you are wearing them after a short time. The tension that keeps your shirt down is fully adjustable. “Tucking in” is always a little awkward, but with our step by step instructions, you’ll be a “tucking in” pro; with others asking what your secret is for dressing so effortlessly.

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