Does the military use shirt stays?

Yes, they are authorized for wear with service and dress uniforms in all branches of the United States Armed Forces. They are also commonly worn by ROTC & JROTC cadets. The purpose of the service uniform is to look professional. Sloppy shirts do not look professional.

Where can I find shirt stays?

Shirt stays are sold in many shops like Walmart, however Delthium's shirt
stays are only sold through amazon and here 

Which shirt stays are the best?

It depends if you are in the military field or not. Shirt stays thigh are
certainly the most comfortable to wear all day, indeed even military  used
to wear style y shirt stays are now adopting this model too due to is practicality despite they have a little less pulling power due of the shortest elastic band, but on the other side in the unfortunate event that the they would come undone, shirt stays thigh wont hurt
you in sensible areas LOL. 

How to put on shirt stays?

We have a dedicated page that shows how to wear them 
It is very easy to follow.

How to adjust shirt stays?

Our model features three adjusters on the side of the garters.

Do shirt stays work?

Yes absolutely they work.

Are shirt stays visible?

Our model is very thin only 0.15748 inches, it is unlikely to be seen.

Who invented the shirt stays?

Shirt stays originated in the United States at the end of the 18th century
and were mainly used by the military to prevent military uniform
shirts from coming untucked during officials ceremonies. In 1910, The Shirt
Garter Company  sold a shirt garter with the official name “Shir Gar”
with their claim of being “The Only and Original Shirt Garter.”